Special Events Team

Whenever there are crowds, Paramedics know that there will be calls. Unfortunately, the very nature of a crowded event makes it difficult for a Paramedic in an ambulance to quickly reach a patient. Medic’s Special Event Team solves this problem by using two different methods to reach patients.

The team members operate specially equipped Kubota Utility Vehicles. The Kubotas have been retrofitted with a longer tray allowing room for extra equipment and for a stretcher. These vehicles are ideal for transporting a patient out of a crowded event to a waiting ambulance.

The team operates at events throughout Mecklenburg County such as Speed Street, July 4th, New Year’s Eve celebrations, various marathons and more recently, the 2012 Democratic National Convention (DNC). Call volume into Medic's communication center during the 2012 DNC was up nearly 25% over the same holiday week the year prior (1,895 vs. 1,532).

Thanks to their quick response and ability to treat many patients on site, only 25 patients had to be transported to the hospital. This benefits not only the people attending an event, but also the public at large. Fewer ambulances are being drawn away from the normal 911 service to answer calls at a single event, which allows us to do a better job of upholding our own high standards for response time county-wide.

For information on scheduling our staff for your event, please contact  Michael Stanford, 704.943.6230.