Agency Assets

Ambulance Fleet:

MEDIC utilizes type I diesel modulars on Chevrolet and International Navistar chassis along with Dodge Sprinters. Currently, there are more than 70 ambulances in the MEDIC fleet.

Mass Casualty Response Unit:

2001 FL70 Freightliner with a 24’ Hackney body with rear command module which responds to large scale incidents with Special Operations Technicians to assist with patient care and provide extra equipment or supplies.

Mass Casualty and Evacuation Buses:

Medic has two 2009 International FE300 chassis modified by Sartin Services to provide transportation of twenty non-ambulatory patients as well as ten wheelchair patients. The buses are equipped with Oxygen, heart monitors, and other medical supplies to evacuate multiple patients with special medical needs, eliminating the need for multiple ambulances to respond to a mass casualty incident.

Utility Vehicles:

Two Kubota vehicles have been retrofitted to be able to accomodate a crew of 2 along with a standard stretcher and medical supplies, allowing the Special Events team to transport patients out of a crowded event or remote access area for further care.


There are some places that an ambulance can’t go. Medic’s Special Event Team currently uses 12 Kona bicycles fitted with rear panniers to carry nearly 25 pounds of medical equipment to bring care to patients at large events.

TAC 1:

The SWAT Tactical Operations Medical Response Vehicle (Tac-1) serves a variety of functions in order to deliver the highest quality of care to Tactical Officers, bystanders, and suspects encountered. Tac-1 provides rapid response for a Tactical Medic to high casualty SWAT incidents (active shooter, barricade suspect, etc), serves as a routine response vehicle for the on-call Tactical Medic, serves as a rehabilitation center for Tactical Officers/Medics, provides transportation to and from training evolutions, provides a secure environment for storage of tactical and medical equipment, and serves as a location for Tactical Medic Overwatch, where any backup Tactical Medics and/or Supervisors can provide operational support to the primary Tactical Medic.