General Lucky Hearts Application

Thank you for nominating a Mecklenburg County organization to receive a free AED donated by the Mecklenburg Medical Alliance and Endowment (MMAE) and a CPR/AED awareness class taught by MEDIC. Learn more about AEDs.

**Please note: The Lucky Hearts Campaign does not currently have AEDs available for donation. However, applications are being taken, organizations are being placed on a waiting list, and free CPR/AED awareness classes are still being conducted in the meantime. If donations for additional AEDs become available, the first organization on the list that has completed the qualifications for the program will receive an AED.**

Please complete all information below. Remember, not all nominees will be chosen to receive a donated AED and a free awareness training class. Each business has to meet certain criteria (listed below) and must agree to hold 2 (90-minute) awareness courses with MEDIC (up to 50 people) and must display the donated AED by professional guidelines.

To be considered, an organization or individual should have one (or more) of the following:

  1. A demonstrated need for an AED (a place where a cardiac arrest is likely to occur)
  2. Cannot afford an AED
  3. Already has an AED, but did not receive CPR/AED awareness training for their organization and have not clearly posted their AED system

 If you have questions about this application or the Lucky Hearts Campaign, please contact Lester Oliva at 704.943.6023 or [email protected].

Briefly, please explain why the nominated company should receive a donated AED and free CPR/AED awareness training.

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