Community Education

As healthcare providers, we believe that our responsibility to the community extends beyond merely responding to 911 calls. It is also our mission to educate the public to help themselves.
Medic responded to more than 114,000 calls for help in 2013. Nearly 30% of these calls were for various types of traumatic injuries, many of which could have been prevented. The other 70% of these calls are related to health issues.

Our challenge is to involve the community in their own safety, through education and prevention, but also by encouraging bystanders to become involved when an incident happens. Dispatchers in the 911 center can often provide instructions to callers to help , allowing them to deliver care such as stopping bleeding, delivering a baby, or even performing CPR before our Paramedics and EMT’s arrive on scene. When the public becomes involved, people begin receiving the help they need faster and this has a positive impact on overall patient outcomes.

You can do your part by becoming familiar with the tips, information and how-to’s shared throughout Medic’s website. You may also want to learn in a group setting by registering for one of Medic’s CPR courses.