Responsible for answering calls for service from citizens for EMS/Fire response and dispatching appropriate resources.

  • Answers phone calls to include 911 and administrative lines, via voice and TTY/TTD (text telephone device) request.
  • Uses customer service practices appropriate for the varying situations presented.
  • Utilizes PSAP (Primary Service Answering Point) infrastructure to include Phase II information to verify caller information on 911 calls.
  • Utilizes outside resources (Language Line, Poison Control, Animal Control, etc.) to assist caller when appropriate.
  • Assists and Instructs callers using the Medical Priority and Fire Priority Dispatch Systems. Maintains at or above NAED (National Academy of Emergency Dispatch) Center of Accreditation performance standards for both EMD/EFD (Emergency Medical Dispatch/Emergency Fire Dispatch).
  • Inputs call information into Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system (Emergency and non-emergency/scheduled EMS; and County Fire).
  • Maintains proficiency in manual back-up systems and contingency plans for CAD, Radio, 911 phone failure.
  • Serves as secondary PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) and, in event of Primary PSAP failure or overload, acts as primary PSAP to include processing all police, fire and EMS calls.
  • Enters and coordinates all non-emergency/scheduled transports for Mecklenburg County.
  • Uses Motorola CRT (computerized radio terminal) radio console to direct / alert / assist Field Units (Fire and EMS) to monitor multiple radio channels using the CRT radio console and assists on these channels as required.
  • Utilizes computerized-based phone system for processing, transferring, 911 and administrative lines.
  • Notifies appropriate ALS (Advance Life Support)/First Responders/County Fire agencies when required and provides patient/scene safety information as available.
  • Uses multiple mapping applications and various systems (Power Map/CAD) to accurately identify the locations of incidents requiring field response, as well as best access routing for field units.
  • Ensures units are shown in the proper status in the CAD system to allow for accurate record keeping.
  • Establishes radio and phone patches to various facilities.
  • Processes after hours emergency calls for EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Red Cross, and Emergency Management as required.
  • Monitors and manages a dynamic System Status Plan, deploying and allocating resources as needed.
  • Coordinates and manages mutual aid resources for community and regional disasters.
  • Monitors NAWAS (National Warning System) and Duke Power radio phones. Makes notifications, relays information and tests equipment as required. Acts as county warning point for Mecklenburg County to include making notifications, acting upon evacuation recommendations for emergency incidents to include natural or manmade disasters or McGuire and Catawba Nuclear Plant incidents.
  • Participates in Federal, State and Locally mandated exercises to ensure proficiency in operation of County Warning Point responsibilities.

Education and/or Experience

Associate’s degree (A. A.) or equivalent from two-year college or technical school; or six months to one year related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations

  • CPR Certification (within three months of hiring)
  • Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) (within three months of hiring)
  • Emergency Fire Dispatcher (EFD) (within three months of hiring)
  • Annual TB (Tuberculosis) Testing
  • All OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Association) Requirements (i.e., Fit Testing, etc.)
  • All mandatory In-Service Training
  • All certifications, once obtained, must be maintained while employed
  • Annual HIPAA (Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) testing
  • Annual Corporate Compliance testing