The Medic Physical Ability Test (MEDPAT) is designed to simulate the critical physical tasks performed by Paramedics and EMT’s during emergency situations. This test has been designed to simulate only tasks deemed to be critical by employees of the Mecklenburg EMS Agency and is not necessarily representative of tasks performed in other agencies. Please click here to complete the MEDPAT forms.

The MEDPAT consists of ten events performed continuously. Participants are timed from the instruction to begin until completing the final event. In addition, Event #8 (Chest compressions) is timed separately. Failure to complete either Event # 8 in a designated time of 2 minutes and 15 seconds or to complete the entire MEDPAT in a time of six minutes and 35 seconds will result in test failure.

Event #1: Truck Exit
Event #2: Stretcher Lift Simulation
Event #3: Stretcher Push/Pull
Event #4: Stretcher Stair Carry
Event #5: Equipment Lift and Place
Event #6: Equipment Transfer
Event #7: Patient Drag
Event #8: Chest Compressions
Event #9: Stretcher Push/Pull
Event #10: Truck Climb