About Medic

Medic operates the busiest 9-1-1 Emergency Medical Services Agency in the state of North Carolina. Medic’s responsibilities span 544 square miles, including the rapidly expanding city of Charlotte, NC. With two professional sporting venues, multiple college campuses, two major lakes, a busy international airport, several major business centers, two nuclear power plants, and a population approaching 1,000,000 people, bustling Mecklenburg County certainly presents Medic with a diverse, exciting environment to service.

All 530 of the Agency’s employees share one singular focus: a relentless commitment to continually improving patient care. You would be hard pressed to take a drive around Mecklenburg County without passing multiple Medic ambulances. Generally speaking, Medic deploys between 20 and 50 ambulances in the county at any one time, dependent upon the time of day and historically projected call volume. Ambulances are strategically located throughout the Mecklenburg County to provide optimal coverage and allow for the quickest response times.

As call volume increases and teams are put into service, idle crews are re-deployed to increase coverage accordingly. The goal is to ensure that at any given moment, a Medic unit can reach every address within Mecklenburg County within ten minutes, fifty-nine seconds of receiving a call.

Though Medic is often associated with the ambulances seen in the field, the organization is far more complex than most people are aware:

  • Medic’s 911 dispatch center recieved 114,579 calls in FY 2013
  • 21,684 of Medic’s responses in FY 2013 were Priority 1 in nature (the most serious)
  • Medic’s average response time to all Priority 1 calls in 2012 was 7:35
  • Medic currently employs 530 people, of which 425 are Paramedics, EMT’s, or EMD’s
  • In addition to dispatching Medic’s EMS calls, the Agency also dispatches all county fire calls outside of the city of Charlotte
  • Medic has numerous specialty vehicles designed to respond to a variety of unique situations
  • Medic’s Medical Education and Training Simulator is the most clinically advanced training facility used anywhere in EMS

Everyone associated with Medic is proud to serve the citizens of Mecklenburg County. Whether a given situation calls for the services of one Paramedic team or Medic’s Mass Casualty Response Unit, you can count on Medic to provide the care you need, when and where you need it most.